What is a HydraFacial?

As many women suffer from skin problems, especially oily skin, such as the spread of blackheads, impurities and dirt accumulated on the skin, etc. Therefore, women visit the clinic to get rid of all of these problems by getting a HydraFacial.
The process of cleaning the skin is called a facial, and it is completely different from cleaning the skin at home with soap and water or using creams. Cleaning the skin is a physiological process that is carried out by the skin without any medical interventions to get rid of the accumulated dirt and layers of dead skin, but due to nature, dust, chemicals and pollution, this self-cleaning process stops or slows down. Therefore, people with all skin types get a facial in order to keep their skin healthy and glowing.
Some people think that the process of cleaning the skin is nothing but hurting and damaging  the skin, but this is incorrect. Some also think that swelling and irritation of the skin occurs after the cleaning process, but in fact this happens when performed by an unspecialized person or by using unsensitized tools. Skin cleaning is carried out for girls and boys, especially in the teenage years from 15 to 18 years, as the hormones increase during this period which makes them aim to clean their skin so that they can avoid having acne.

What are the steps of a HydraFacial?

The therapist performs a facial massage, including the neck.
Make-up is removed.
Exposing the face to ozone steam, it is the oxygen we need to sterilize any harmful bacteria.
The eyes are covered.
Black pimples are removed using special tools, and it is preferred to remove them gently using the hands in a correct way instead of metal tools.
A mask containing anti-bacterial substances is applied to avoid infections, especially on the skin with pimples.
The skin is exposed to infrared rays in order to avoid any redness or irritation of the skin as a result of a lot of pressure to remove black pimples.
The pores are covered with an astringent mask in order to reduce the pores resulting from the discharge of oils from them.
The specialist massages the skin with a special cream according to your skin type, and pressure is applied to specific areas of the face, neck and under the neck.
Putting special lotions and medicines on the skin related to the problems that the skin suffers from and also according to the type of skin.
Cosmetics are placed in certain places, such as around the eyes, for those who suffer from pigmentation around the eyes (dark circles), as well as cracks and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and forehead.
It is necessary to clean the skin it helps relax the skin, reduce stress and maintains the freshness and youth of the skin through facial massage. In addition, the basic cleaning process which is to get rid of black and white pimples, dead skin cells, fats and impurities, to keep the skin pure and glowing. It stimulates blood circulation after the peeling process, which makes the skin smoother, improves its color, and reduces and delays the appearance of early signs of aging.

When is it recommended to do a HydraFacial?

It is recommended to perform the skin cleaning process in the clinic at the end of summer or winter. In the summer, pollution and dead skin increases as a result of the effect of harmful sunlight, which increases deposits around the pores as a result of sweating and the strong heat of the sun stimulates the secretion of sweat, which build oils on the skin. The increase in oily deposits, especially when using tanning oils, no matter how much we wash the face 15% of it remains between the cells, but the cleaning process keeps getting rid of them.