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Azure... It is one of the semi-precious stones that were preserved in the past as a reflection of elegance, beauty, tranquility and purity with its mixture of colors of blue and violet. Azure stone adorned the crowns of rulers in ancient empires, palaces of kings and princes, even state records and officials seals, as it was considered one of the precious gifts until recently.

From this standpoint, Azure name and its distinctive colors were chosen as a symbol of our clinic, which seeks to provide the best care and service in the specialties of dermatology, cosmetology, family medicine and preventive medicine. Azure Clinic was opened on April 2021, in Salmiya area, in a privileged location on the vital Hamad Al Mubarak Street, which directly connects to the beautiful coast of Kuwait

At Azure Clinic, we believe in providing high quality diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative and cosmetic medical services that are based on the latest international standards, recommendations and indicators for the safety and security of clinical care, as well as excellence in customer service and the provision of the latest therapeutic technologies that will give the customer the highest levels of quality and efficiency, with the best medical and nursing staff in Kuwait.

At Azure clinic, we are keen to provide a distinctive and unforgettable experience for our valued customers, which makes everyone who obtains it a special customer, to feel the Azure experience.

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